Elisabeth Geel -"The Creation of Adam" - acrylic and magazine cutouts on panel - 6.5" x 8.5" - Sold

The Creation of Adam

"Viewing The Creation of Adam, one is overcome with strong  emotions and a sense of disbelief.  

Images, symbols, and figures interact against the backdrop of a barren,  lunar landscape and a dark-grey mountain range immersed in an alienating  terrestrial atmosphere. The blue sky with white clouds – perhaps a reference to  Magritte – is slashed by an object reminiscent of a gigantic red fountain pen,  like an artificial sun that reaches out to the sharp spines of a cactus out for a walk on its roots.  

The painting is populated by craters, cacti, and rocks cohabitating with recognizable objects from the mundane and other creatures which are the fruits of an overflowing imagination. The relationships between the elements that occupy the space have modified, inverted, and unhinged any sense of time.  

The composition is sensual, simultaneously erotic and ironic, complacent and lighthearted. Desire and trepidation are placed on the same plane. Undoubtedly, to the artist the origin of the world is female. Man, reduced to a cutout collage figure, has been received/collected by a silver spoon perched on a rock altar. Naked, hunched over himself, being ancient memory and memento, the man represents the challenge of the Anthropocene. On his right side liberated words dangle in the air, fragments of a lost civilization and paradigm of  the times we live in: a babel of codes gone astray."

                                                                                                                                                            Irina Possamai, PhD

Elisabeth Geel - Cosmorama - photograph, magazine cutouts and digital

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